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Coexist is a campaign to increase understanding and reduce conflict in divided communities around the world.

We help break the cycle of conflict by creating opportunities for people to work & learn together.

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There is a crisis of understanding that tears at the social fabric of societies around the world. Globalization has outpaced our understanding of one another, creating divisions that plague communities with prejudice, hate and violence. Learn more ›


Coexist Products improve the lives of farmers and enable children to learn together across the divides of conflict.

Profits are given directly to schools and managed by expert partner organizations on the ground.

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100% of your donations, yes, that means every penny of every dollar, goes directly to support schools in communities of conflict.

We are able to do this due to the generous gifts and vision of our angel investors.

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Progress to date

Working and learning

With your purchases and donations we've been able to provide 16,600 Farmers fair wages for their communities + 219 Students 1 year of Education

We are stronger together

We are all about complete transparency. We will send you updates on exactly where your money is going and the impact that it has on the lives of the children and the farmers.


You can easily change the world without leaving your house by simply tweeting, liking, sharing, donating and buying.

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