Working and Learning Together

Coffee: Uganda

Every bag of Coexist Coffee helps fund the primary school for the children of the Peace Kawomera Cooperative. There children of different religions are brought together everyday and learn to live with each other while building their future.

Every bag gives a child a school building, teachers, books, supplies, and two meals a day.

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Every Sip Changes the World

Coexist Coffee is grown by a Ugandan fair trade cooperative, Peace Kawomera (meaning “Delicious Peace” in the local Luganda language). Here, members from the Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities farm together to produce organic, small batch coffee.

Uganda sits along a religious and ethnic divide - the Muslim majority in North Africa collides with the Christian majority in Southern Africa, and surrounds a small African-Jewish community.

After decades of conflict, brutal dictators, and the Lord’s Resistance Army turned the Ugandan people against one another and filled their lives with prejudice, hate, and violence, the communities rose up and came together to produce a truly delicious coffee.

Coexist Coffee improves the lives of Ugandan farmers and donates all profits to local schools to enable children to learn together across the divides of their communities.

Your sip of Coexist Coffee breaks the cycle of conflict in Uganda and creates a more peaceful world for us all.

“Thank you for purchasing our coffee. The price you pay enables us to send our children to school.”

Mrs. Florence Wabire

T-shirts: India

Every t-shirt you buy provides a child with access to activities in a school where students learn together with friends from other ethnic communities.

This t-shirt isn’t just a t-shirt. It’s a classroom where kids can learn together side by side.

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Clothing That Stitches Together the Communities of India

Made of 100% organic cotton, the Coexist T-Shirt supports impoverished farmers, promotes environmental stewardship, educates children, and helps mend ethnic and cultural conflict in Indian communities.

The conflict between Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians in India extends back centuries, and has been particularly tense since the partitioning of the country. The cycle of prejudice, hate and violence has taken its toll, killing over a million people and creating divisions in communities throughout India.

Designing your favorite t-shirt

The cotton for our Coexist clothing comes from our friends at Chetna Organic Cotton. This remarkable fairtrade cooperative brings together over 25,000 farmers from diverse ethnic groups, castes and religions in rainfed regions of India, to build harmonious relationships between people, ecology and livelihoods by promoting sustainable agriculture practices. The farmers use the highest standards in organic farming to assure pesticides and fertilizers are not destroying our planet and poisoning their families.

The Coexist t-shirt is designed to become your favorite t-shirt. Profits from Coexist clothing goes directly back to Indian community schools. Each t-shirt has been crafted, knitted, dyed and stitched by expert Hindu and Muslim tailors working together at the Rajlakshmi Mill in Kolkata, India. Not only does your purchase bring the farmers and mill workers together across divides, it allows their children to be able to study together, creating a new generation tied together with stronger bonds.

“The more t-shirts that Coexist sells, the more education is possible.”

Mr. Vipul Kulkarni